Hints You May Find Useful


When downloading forms to your computer, simply click on the link. If that doesn't download the form, try right-clicking (on a Mac, control-click). This should bring up a menu that will allow you an option for saving the file to your computer.

The forms can be filled out on your computer and saved to your computer and/or printed. When you print the form, be careful to choose the printing option that says something like "Print document". Turn off any options that say something like "document and markups".

IMPORTANT: To be able to save forms, etc. you must have Adobe Reader 7 or later installed. It is free to download from Adobe's web site:

Please report any problems to the Kairos-Darrington webmaster.

Team Application


To be a member of a Kairos weekend team (either "inside" or "outside") you need to submit an application form and mail it to the team leader listed on the form. The team application information has been moved to the "Participate" tab.

Closing Ceremony Application


The closing application form and process has been moved to the "Participate" tab on this web site. Please visit that tab for full information and application forms and process.

TDCJ Volunteer Application


Volunteers who enter TDCJ units to participate in Kairos or other programs must first complete volunteer orientation training. The TDCJ provides the training. To apply to receive the training, you need to:

complete the volunteer application form,
submit it,
wait to receive a letter authorizing you to attend the training,
attend the 3-hour training session,
wait until you are listed
on the TDCJ computer database as an "approved volunteer",
ask the chaplain to list you as approved to enter his/her unit,
wait until you know that it has been done.

Note: All volunteers are required to do the following to remain a volunteer in good standing:
Enter a unit at least once in 2 years
Have that visit recorded by the chaplain
Be retrained at least once every 2 years.
You can do online retraining once
The next time, you must go to a facility and be retrained on site.
You can alternate online and on site retraining as long as you remain a volunteer in good standing.

The above is general and for your convenience only. The official policy on training and retraining is at the TDCJ web site. The policy may change without our having taken notice of it right away.

Please note: The TDCJ web site has an online application form. That is the best way to apply.

Go there now. Then click on the "Volunteer" quick link.