What is new on the web site?

This page will give a brief summary of changes to the web site as they evolve over time. The most recent changes will be at the top of this page to allow you to quickly determine if there is something you need to go check out.

  • Posted the dates for Kairos 56 (October) retreat.

  • Posted the dates for the July 2-day retreat.

  • Posted the closing application and dates for Kairos 55 and update text to reflect the K55 dates, etc.

  • Posted the team application and dates for Kairos 55.

  • Revised procedure for downloading files for the Prayer and Share page.

  • Doing some more cleaning up. Will update this when changes are complete. In the meanwhile, expect the site to change a bit from time to time without details being posted here.

  • Updated for the Kairos 54 closing application, did some cleaning up.

  • Updated the the participation page for K53 closing application form.

  • Updated the Prayer and Share page.

  • Added a link to download the closing application to the Participate page.

  • Updated Schedule page to reflect Kairos 52 information and remove outdated information.
  • Updated the Participate page and verified the online closing application form. Also, backed up the closing apps received for 51 and cleaned out the spreadsheet that collects the forms when they are submitted.
  • Further updates may be needed, but I am publishing these updates. If you see any problems, please use the "Contact Us" link and let me know.

  • Cleaned up some unfinished business with the Kairos 51 closing and team application information.

  • For Kairos 51 implemented a new closing application form that includes a confirmation that the TDCJ special volunteer orientation letter was at least looked at and agreed-to. The new team application and invitation letter are coming soon.

  • The team invitation and application has been placed on the "Participate" tab. The files are ready for Kairos #50.

  • The July 2-day retreat will be July 14-15. Anyone who can help can contact Dustie Hollon at Contact Dustie ASAP!

  • Created a new form and process
    for the closing application. This includes a new page tabbed as
    "Participate." The page contains the new online closing application form
    plus a PDF form for Kairos #50. The online form is generic. Eventually,
    the team application form may also be in this general format. The
    electronically submitted applications will be confirmed electronically,
    thus obviating the need for a printed form with handwritten signature.
  • Updated the Downloads page.
  • Updated the Schedule page.
  • Added the banner on the welcome page, celebrating our 50th Kairos at Darrington coming up!

  • Added the group photo for Kairos #48 and #49

  • Closed out the K #49 closing application form, deadline passed.
  • Modified
    the download page. No longer have a link to a PDF TDCJ volunteer
    application. Best thing is to go to the TDCJ web site and fill out their
    online form.

  • Updated the site with Kairos 49
    information. The team invitation letter (with schedule), team
    application form, and closing application form are up-to-date.

  • Added the photo from Kairos 47 to the Photo Gallery page.

  • Added a form for volunteers to offer to help with the cookie baking project. Added the "I can help" page.

  • Posted the Kairos 48 team
    application form and closing application form on the download page. The
    team invitation letter and meeting schedule is on the meeting schedule

  • Posted the Kairos 47 team
    application form and closing application form on the download page. The
    team invitation letter and meeting schedule is on the meeting schedule

  • Added a general "schedule" page.
    We will post the upcoming weekend dates here. Since many people do not
    know the general plan for Kairos, this will give them a broader picture
    of the schedule throughout the year.
  • Removed the old "Upcoming Events" page which was redundant with the schedule page.
  • Removed
    the reference to the old web site from the welcome page. The old site
    is still there, but the reference to it is probably useless.
  • Otherwise refreshed the welcome page to reflect these changes.

  • Updated the Welcome for the Kairos #47 beginning April 14, 2011.
  • Updated the Meeting Schedule page.
  • Updated the Download page to include more information about volunteer training and RE-training (TDCJ).

  • Updated the Welcome for the Kairos #46 beginning October 28.
  • Corrected a typo on the Welcome page.
  • Planning
    to update the Closing Application for #46 on Sept. 8. When you download
    the form, be sure to check the Kairos number so it says 46.

  • Updated Coming Events for the Kairos #46 beginning October 28.
  • Updated team schedule.

  • Updated Coming Events to include the July 2-day retreat information and give a hint about #46 in October.

  • Corrected the link to the TDCJ
    volunteer application form. It should now download the May, 2009 version
    of the form.

  • Added a "Donation" page.

  • Updated the application form for Team 45 and Closing 45. These forms can be printed, then filled out; or they can be filled out (must use Adobe Reader 7 or later), saved to disk, and printed out. Also, the data can be submitted via email. As before, you still have to print the form and put your actual signature on the line.

  • Posted on the "Events" page the fact that there will be a 2-day retreat at Darrington January 16-17, 2010. An organizational meeting will be announced in early December. If you can participate in any way, please contact Hank Jamieson by email. If you don't have his email address, you can use the "Contact us" tab to send him a message.
  • Minor edit on Home page.

  • Revised the Download page.
  • Updated the Home page.
  • Updated Coming Events page.

  • Started a LINKS page. The first link posted will take you to the video of Paul Gray's Kairos testimony. It is powerful. His testimony in person at the closing of #44 was also very powerful. Other links were also posted.
  • Updated the home page to reflect that #45 is the next Kairos at Darrington.
  • Reorganized the navigation tabs a bit.

  • The weekend dates for Kairos #45 were posted on the home page (April 15-18, 2010).

  • The Closing Application for Kairos 44 is now up. Like last time, this form can be completed on a computer, printed, signed and mailed - as well as submitting the data electronically.

  • Updated the Saturday Prayer and Share times. Very minor change (10 minute shift in start time based on input from the chaplain).

  • Uploaded the Team Application form for Kairos 44. Please visit the "Download" tab to obtain the form.
  • Updated the web site with Kairos 44 general information.

  • Fixed the problem with streaming video on the Kairos 27 video. You can now watch the full size video in streaming mode, download the full size video for watching on your computer, and ALSO there is a version that is suitable for iPhone users and a half-size video for streaming on slower speed connections.
  • Uploaded a web gallery from Kairos 31. Many of these pictures are found on pages of this web site.

  • Uploaded the pictures from Kairos 43. Also converted them to a slide show and added music ("They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love").

  • Updated the prayer and share schedule.

  • Added video to the "Photo Gallery" page. This video is the 18 minute DVD we made of Kairos 27 back in 2001. Full size DVDs are still available by contacting Ed Stoessel through this web site.

  • Added "Photo Gallery" page. The first gallery is from the Jan., 2009 2-day retreat. In addition to the picture browser, you can download full resolution jpeg files if you wish to print them.

  • The date for Walk #43 has been moved back to the original dates: April 16-19, 2009. The announcement on the main page and the closing form have been updated to reflect the change.

  • Updated the Prayer and Share schedule.

  • Uploaded a new TDCJ volunteer training form. This form is higher quality (made directly from the Word document provided by TDCJ). Chaplaincy has seen this form. It's ok to use but, as before, be sure to carefully proofread your printed application form before you sign it and mail it in.

  • Uploaded the corrected closing application form. The old form showed the wrong date for closing.

  • Uploaded the new TDCJ volunteer application form. This form can be filled out on
    a computer, saved, and printed. See the Download tab.

  • Uploaded the team application form for Kairos 43.
  • Changed the dates to April 23-26, 2009.

  • Updated event dates and leadership information.

  • Added a PDF-fillable closing application form. This form allows the user to save to disk and also to submit the form data electronically. With a simple click, the form data can be emailed to the webmaster for inclusion in a spreadsheet for records management, etc. The form must also be printed, signed and mailed, but the accuracy of data capture is limited only by the accuracy of the information typed onto the form by the applicant.

  • Updates to revise for new weekend (#42) including a PDF-fillable form for team application. This info is not quite up-to-date, but will be finalized when I get the name of the observing lay leader. I am also awaiting an up-to-date closing application.
  • Revised the prayer and share schedule.

  • Added the gate and program times to the Prayer and Share schedule page.

  • Improved the "Contact Us" page. This new form includes room for more information from the sender, plus the form itself is more robust in resisting spammers.

  • Added the team meeting schedule to the download page for Kairos #41.
  • Edited the "Meeting Schedule" page and Welcome page to reflect the update in schedule location.

  • Over the last month or so, the emphasis has been on keeping the prayer and share listing up to date. We now have a fairly complete schedule on the web site as well as a pretty comprehensive contact list.

  • Kairos 41 Team Application is online. NOTE: With this PDF, you can fill in the information sections on your computer! This will make it easier for the team coordinator to read. Please try it out.
  • Kairos 41 Closing Application is online. As with the Team Application, you can fill in the information on your computer, then print and sign it and mail it in.

  • Added Tuesday evening Prayer & Share functionality to the schedule and form submittal. The form was rearranged to a more logical order (IMHO).

  • The "What's New?" page was added.
  • A "Special Downloads" page was added. This will make a place for you to download secure documents. As of this date, there are no documents set up for download, but that will change.
  • The P/S Schedule now includes a "Flexible Saturday" option for those who have work schedules or other reasons they cannot commit to a specific week of the month.

  • The site now allows you to view who is scheduled to volunteer for prayer and share sessions on Saturdays at Darrington. The details of the scheduling program, and the current schedule are found on the Prayer & Share tab. To submit your personal commitment, click on the P/S Schedule tab and complete the form and submit it.