There are many ways you can participate in an upcoming Kairos at Darrington. On this page you can learn how to become a team member and/or attend the closing ceremony for a weekend retreat. To learn about how you can help in other ways, please visit the "How To Help" web page on this site.

Join the Team!

To join a Kairos team, you need to submit a team application form for an upcoming Kairos weekend. Examples of the invitation letter and application form are provided via links below. These are provided for informational purposes only. To obtain the current letter and form, if you are interested, please request them through the "Contact Us" tab on this web site.

Here are the latest team application materials: (Strongly recommended: right-click or ctrl-click then choose "Save as..." to download these files to your computer, then open them with Adobe Reader 7 or later.)

Latest Team Application Form (This is a form-fillable PDF you can fill out and save to your hard disk. Save to your computer, open, fill out the form, then save again.)

Latest Team Invitation Letter (This document should be saved and read by all prospective team members.)

Thank you for your interest!

Attend A Closing Ceremony
[Next event is October 25, 2015 — Arrive by 1:30 PM]

Many team members have first attended a closing ceremony. The closing ceremony takes place on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM in the unit chapel. Note: You need to arrive at the unit by 1:30 PM. It is the last event of the 3-1/2 day retreat (also called a "walk"). It gives you an opportunity to experience the inside of a TDCJ prison and hear the testimony of offenders who have completed their "walk." The closing ceremony is very upbeat. At times, the testimony can also be very emotional. You can expect to leave saying it was a very positive experience for you.

To attend a closing ceremony, you need to complete and submit an application form before the deadline posted on the form. The deadline is usually approximately 3 weeks prior to the actual date of the closing. Last minute additions are not generally permitted. On the other hand, if you apply to attend, and then are not able to attend, that is not a problem. So we encourage you to apply early and put the date on your calendar. Here is how the application process works.
  1. There are two ways to apply:
    1. Download a PDF fillable application form and submit it via email. We strongly prefer and recommend this method. It is fast and easy.
    2. Download the form above, but print it out, fill in the blanks, and mail it to the address given.
  2. When you arrive at the unit, you will have to initial a form that says you have read the TDCJ policy letter regarding your conduct while in the unit. We encourage you to download the letter and read the letter before coming to the unit. The officer will still want you to read it in his/her presence, but you will already know what it says.
  3. After our closing ceremony application coordinator receives your application form you will be notified either by email or by postal mail with further instructions. The instructions will probably go out less than a week before the actual event, some time after the deadline. If you do your application electronically we will acknowledge your application has been received by email. Normally, the acknowledgement email will be sent the same day; however, this is a manual process and a human person has to receive your application and reply to it individually. Sometimes this takes more than one day.
  4. The warden will follow TDCJ procedures in approving applications received.
  5. If the warden does not approve your application, you will be notified.

To apply now, click the link(s) above and get started.